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We will help you build stronger business relationships, increase your teams delivery power and help you and the team to enjoy work even more. 

Masters in Business Expertise
Better Partnering

Masters in Business Expertise

Increase the visibility, performance and business impact of your experts

Being a leader of a team of professionals, you’d like your experts to perform optimally. Yet, as no situation or a person is alike, at times you may find yourself wondering: 

How could I increase visibility, performance and or business impact of my experts? Are they missing the capabilities to deliver according to stakeholder needs?

These and similar questions are the foundation for creating our Masters in Business Expertise (MBE) certified learning path.

We offer a select group of training programs that will help you and your team deliver better results. We will help you build stronger business relationships, increase your teams delivery power and help you and the team to enjoy work even more.

Masters in Business Expertise understand they need to build capabilities that go beyond their field of expertise and the content they master.

MBE Training Programs

Our training programs at glance

The Business Partnering program helps your team members to better partner with their stakeholders and have more impact on business as trusted functional experts.

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After attending, your experts will be better able to:

  • drive conversations with their stakeholders to get priority on their agenda;
  • strengthen professional relationships to become trusted partners;
  • get along much better with difficult stakeholders;
  • recognise and deal with resistance to innovations from their field of expertise;
  • communicate proposals and plans in a way that creates ownership for execution.

This program makes your team more effective in engaging stakeholders behind the functional support opportunities and dealing with multiple stakeholders that have different interests.

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After attending, your experts will be better able to:

  • quickly identify stakeholders and map out an actionable stakeholder landscape;
  • understand how stakeholders influence each other;
  • manage conflicting views between stakeholders;
  • timely sharpen stakeholder needs and identify barriers that withhold them from reaching their objectives;
  • build trustful stakeholder relationships;
  • develop and use personal and business networks;
  • engage stakeholders to work together and adopt ideas and solutions that arise from their expert function;
  • communicate project goals and status updates in a clear and concise way;
  • work with “difficult characters” knowing how to turn resistance into positive outcomes.

Intentionally unlock the hidden value of deep functional expertise, by transferring critical knowledge timely and more easily, while activating a growth mindset and learning culture.

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After attending, your experts will be better able to:

  • provide value from their area of expertise;
  • capture, transfer and grow business critical knowledge faster and more effectively;
  • increase the learning capacity and performance of the team;
  • contribute as valued members of a learning organisation.

Knowing the agile methods and tools is no guarantee for success. Therefore, this programme focuses on making Agile actually work for yourself, your team and your customers, by learning how to deal with the human issues that arise when working agile.

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After attending, your experts will be better able to:

  • stay effective in difficult situations;
  • connect with others to fast track their projects;
  • increase impact in changing situations;
  • help colleagues remain effective in difficult situations;
  • create more impact, gain trust and market their function in the business.

This program helps you to get started with generative AI tools in a professional way. You will learn how AI tools can help you in your profession and get started with practicing. Get far more efficient and creative in your daily work.

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After attending, your experts will be better able to:

  • Estimate when and which generative AI tools you can use in your daily work.
  • Write effective prompts using ChatGTP-4
  • Apply generative AI in three ways in your daily work:
    • Content generation: brainstorm ideas, create texts for emails, blog posts, presentations, videos, and more.
    • Consultation: generate ideas, challenge your work, design strategies, a business model canvas or build a plan
    • Data analysis: making data analyses as a non-technical and non-data expert.

Enable your experts to present their content strongly, effectively and in a relevant manner. This training program is not about the body language or the use of voice. It’s about bypassing psychological barriers in place.

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After attending, your experts will be better able to:

  • communicate proposals and plans in a way that captures attention and fosters to act on them;
  • touch emotions through story telling;
  • communicate in a way that strengthens personal relationships;
  • deal with objections that come from difficult stakeholders.

This training program makes your experts more effective in dealing with different stakeholders and different interests. 

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After attending, your experts will be better able to:

  • engage with their stakeholder about setting the right priorities;
  • strengthen the relationship with their stakeholder so that they become more involved;
  • cooperate with “difficult” characters;
  • deal with resistance, both in themselves and in their stakeholder; 
  • redirect the resistance.

Help your most senior experts how to reinvent themselves and guide the organisation towards a breakthrough in the market/business from their field of expertise.

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After attending, your experts will be better able to:

  • guide oneself and the organisation through personal and organisational transformation;
  • reinvent their perspectives on personal leadership and their field of expertise;
  • translate market trends to business relevance;
  • shape and prepare the market for breakthrough innovations;
  • prepare the organisation for breakthrough results through impactful transformation design;
  • create followers and believers within the organisation and beyond. 

Software and process improvement projects tend to focus on the product, deadlines and management approvals. This program prepares your team to focus on actually reaping the benefits of your innovations, by addressing existing adopting barriers.

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After attending, your experts will be better able to:

  • use a practical adoption toolkit for impactful implementation to become “happy makers” and no longer “change enforcers“;
  • successfully land their solutions in the business by better aligning with the specific stakeholder context and needs;
  • design creative, engaging user-centric approaches for implementation;
  • ensure fun and personally relevant learning experiences;
  • ensure innovation visibly drives individual performance of users;
  • gain more respect and gratitude from users and management.

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