Better Solution
Better Teaming
Better Partnering
Better Adoption

In need of better adoption of solutions?better collaboration?better connected experts?

Better Adoption

Consulting Services

We’ll help you foster adoption of your experts work by others in the business

  • create higher usage of new systems
  • fostering new ways of working
  • strategies that engage the people
  • increase usage of learning solution

Better Teaming

Team Performance Coaching

We’ll coach your experts to perform more effectively in teams

  • higher team performance
  • better business collaboration
  • higher engagement

Better Partnering

Training Programs

Let your experts develop and grow beyond the content they master.

  • Business Partnering
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Networking
  • Unleash Expertise
  • Communicating Complexity Clearly
  • Creating Better Adoption
  • Mastering Human Factor of Agile
  • Breakthrough Expertise

In need of better adoption of solutions, better collaboration
and/or better connected experts?

At Expertized! we offer a one-stop shop for experts and functional leaders to help them foster adoption and support their personal and business transformation.

Better Adoption

  • Systems
  • Strategies
  • Ways of working
  • Learning initiatives

When designing and implementing solutions we simply forget who will be using the solutions and why.

  • Will it help them better perform?
  • Will it make their work easier?
  • Will it make their work more fun?

Our solutions will ensure better implementation, higher usage of new tooling and more engagement during implementations and beyond.

Better Adoption
Better Teaming

Better Teaming

  • Team's Performance
  • Organisation's Performance

You won’t hear us talk about team building. You will hear us ask about the work of the team and how this impacts business objectives and relationships with stakeholders.

All teams face two key challenges:

  • delivering their work and
  • improving being a team.

Better Partnering

  • Expert's visibility
  • Expert's impact
  • Knowledge transfer

We offer training solutions to increase the impact and visibility of your experts teams.

Developing them in to true business partners driving business transformation.

  • Increase their business acumen
  • Build stronger stakeholder relationships
  • Inspire the business with expert stories
  • Drive effective transformation and fast track projects
  • Make knowledge transfer a daily habit
Expertized - Better Partnering