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What are you up against?

In your role, you have to deal with different stakeholders, from different departments. And that’s pretty busy. One stakeholder wants this. The other wants that. And that changes every so often.

You are regularly informed too late (or not at all) by stakeholders, which causes problems. When you communicate with stakeholders, you notice that the message often does not get across (or not enough).

So how do you set your priorities? How do you avoid becoming a plaything for your stakeholders? How do you make sure your proposals land? How do you make sure you are engaged by your stakeholders. In other words: how do you achieve results together?

The objective of this program

This program makes you more effective in dealing with different stakeholders and different interests.

After this you will be better able to:

After completing the program, you will be able to confidently drive conversations with your stakeholders and get your priorities on their agenda. You’ll also strengthen your professional relationships to become a trusted partner and get along much better with even the most difficult stakeholders.

Plus, you’ll learn how to recognize and deal with resistance to innovations in your field of expertise, and communicate proposals and plans in a way that creates ownership for execution.

Who is this program for?

By participating in this program,  you’ll acquire the skills and knowledge you need to develop effective partnerships and achieve common goals with your stakeholders, ultimately enhancing your career growth and personal development.

It’s not your typical training program, though. It has been designed to be innovative and interactive, incorporating gamified methodologies, micro-learnings, and a solid understanding of human drives and psychology. Through its innovative approach, the program aims to create an engaging learning experience that is tailored to the needs of each participant.

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Program modules:

In the first module, you will learn more about your own stakeholder environment. What are your stakeholders trying to achieve? How can you mutually create value? How do you start the start-up conversation with your stakeholder? This will help you (together with your stakeholder) arrive at the right priorities.

You don’t always have your stakeholders to choose from. So you have to be able to work together with difficult characters. How do you do that?

We make you aware of your own preferred style in dealing with ‘difficult‘ stakeholders. You then learn to apply other styles. So that the situation does not escalate but mutual understanding arises. And so you can work together with ‘difficult’ characters.

Organisations are always changing. This can sometimes be difficult for yourself to deal with. But in your turn you cause this movement yourself. When you launch ideas, make proposals or take initiatives that have an impact on stakeholders.

What do you encounter in both cases? Resistance. In this module you will learn where that resistance comes from. And how you can effectively remove it for yourself and others.

Ultimately you can only have impact if you are able to get others on board. This requires effective and convincing communication. In this module you will learn the secret of effective communication. And we provide you with techniques that enable you to move your stakeholders with your ideas.

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