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Level 2 - 'Captain'





10 - 14 weeks






What are you up against?

You are familiar with the methods, strategies, and pitfalls in communication with your stakeholders. But to be able to apply these, you still too often encounter limitations. Lack of time, other priorities, hierarchical or ‘political’ interests. The knowledge you have acquired about better communication is still not enough to make a bigger difference and to be that valued business partner you aspire to be.

The objective of this program

This program helps you to define exactly what it is that still prevents you from putting the knowledge into practice. This is different for every participant, and this program will become a very personal journey so that you can develop ‘Business Partner Captainship’ in your Business Partnering Skills. In short, you will be trusted and recognized by your stakeholders and by yourself as a ‘Strategic Partner’.

After this you will be better able to:

To understand the obstacles that prevent you from applying your knowledge about Business Partnering in practice. To confidently overcome those obstacles. To maintain a reciprocal ‘support system’ that helps and encourages you. By learning to help another in a similar journey, you also gain more insight and inspiration that you can use for your own situations.

Who is this program for?

This program is for anyone who has completed Business Partnering Skills I (or an equivalent training) and is not yet experiencing the ‘magic’ of applying that knowledge, perhaps due to lack of time, or because the desired outcomes have not been forthcoming. Therefore, in this program, you will receive limited but inspiring content. We’re going to practice, practice, practice!

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Program modules:

We start with a kick-off where we ‘onboard’ you into our online ‘gamified’ learning environment. In addition, we share the overview and objectives of the program. After boarding, you are invited to prepare for the crossing.

You will be asked to go through the familiar short, “gamified” micro-learnings as preparation. You will also get access to the micro-learnings that you have already completed in the previous business partnering training.

We get to know each other and introduce a “buddy” system. Then we will determine together how you can prepare to make the transition to “Business Partner Captainship” by considering the following questions:

  • What did you learn in BP 1 / and what do you apply or not apply from it?
  • What is your biggest goal/desire to achieve from “Business Partner Captainship”?
  • Which tools from your “business partner toolkit” do you want to utilize more?


We define your end goal clearly and together determine a first small step forward. You are now ready to leave your home port!

A good master also dares to be a student. You have gained your first experiences with your practical assignment. Together with your buddy, you dive into the results/questions from the practical assignment.

For this purpose, your buddy is instructed, for example with specific questions that he/she can ask. We look at how we can improve ourselves as buddies, focus strongly on listening better and tie up the loose ends from the practical assignments. Then we will make another small, concrete step.

What is step 2 towards your big goal?

You are moving more towards “Business Partner Captainship”. Pick up the catch (and by-catch?) from the previous practical assignment with your buddy.

This time we are going to take a bigger step forward: you have identified your most difficult learning point and how challenging it is.

  • Can this ever change? We help you not to break the line: beliefs!
  • Which beliefs are significantly hindering you from increasing your impact?


Beliefs can be very self-judgmental, obstructive or tough and are also the most exciting to tackle! So we do this together.

We look back at the practical assignments: what were the results?

  • What can we celebrate?
  • What can we learn from each other?
  • What do you still need to have complete confidence in your own qualities and possibilities?
  • How can your buddy help you with this?


We look at how we can continue the buddy system.

  • How do you become ‘buddies for (work) life’?

We share with each other what we have learned.

  1. What are the ‘deeper’ insights that make Business Partner Captains successful?
  2. Then we record these as ‘Cool Ways to Fly’ and ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ as a business partner.
  3. You take your first steps on land. Ah, sea legs! You schedule your next appointment with your buddy.
  4. We conclude with the Certification.


You are now a Captain in Business Partnering.

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