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What are you up against?

You’re busy, your workload is enormous. You love your work but you are struggling with deadlines, or get stuck in generating new ideas, creating solutions, developing content and communicating with the world around you. You’re competent but simply don’t have the time in the day to do things right. That’s why you’re looking for more productivity and creativity in your work.

You’ve heard how AI is revolutionising the workplace, and you don’ want to miss the boat. You may have used a tool like ChatGPT before, but the outputs where not as good as expected. Why? Your prompts don’t lead to the desired results.

The objective of this program

Generative AI tools can make you smarter, stronger and faster – when used in the right way. AI can be your own personal consultant, your content creator and or your personal data-analyst.

This program helps you to get started with generative AI tools in a professional way. You will learn how AI tools can help you in your profession and get started with practicing. Get far more efficient and creative in your daily work.

After this you will be better able to:

  • Estimate when and which generative AI tools you can use in your daily work.
  • Write effective prompts using ChatGTP-4
  • Apply generative AI in three ways in your daily work:
    • Content generation: brainstorm ideas, create texts for emails, blog posts, presentations, videos, and more.
    • Consultation: generate ideas, challenge your work, design strategies, a business model canvas or build a plan
    • Data analysis: making data analyses as a non-technical and non-data expert.

Who is this program for?

This program is for anyone who wants to get started with AI in their daily work. Sessions are organized by function. This makes the training more relevant to you than a general session:

  • Gen AI for Marketers
  • Gene AI for L&D (in development)
  • Gen AI for HR (in development)
  • Gen AI for contract management
  • Gen AI for Finance

If you would like a modified version for a different function for your company, please contact us. We’re ready to work with you!

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Program modules:

We start with a kick-off in which we ‘onboard’ you in our online ‘gamified’ learning environment. In addition, we share the overview and objectives of the program.

You will be asked to go through short e-learnings to help your prepare for a team learning session.  An engaging half our of inspiration and engagement in the world of AI.

In the classroom session, you will compete in teams you to find the “Chambers of the Holy Spirit”. Let the games begin!

A gamified e-learning guides you through the basics of generative AI and what differentiates it from AI in general. Topics covered are:

  • A welcoming journey into the world of generative AI
  • An introduction about how generative AI can help you become smarter, more creative and more efficient in your daily work
  • An overview of how generative AI is today used in your function
  • An exploration of ChatGPT-4 and Midjourney and their use in your function
  • A demonstration of how generative AI turbo-tools boost your productivity
  • A practical introduction to the art of effective prompting
  • You finalise the e-learning with a short quiz.

In teams you play the role of a creative agency, named the Holy Spirit”. Your mission is to deliver a strategy, creative content and data insights to your client. In 3 short workshops you will learn how AI can be of great help as your personal consultant and how it can demystify “the world of data analytics” into practical questions like: what should I do next?

In each workshop you deliver content that will be assessed by the experts. The winning team will earn a “golden ticket” to the cocktail bar. Losers will have to earn the right to a “drink” by passing an escape room.

This session is organised at our inspiring creative agency “Third place” in Rotterdam. On demand we can deliver virtual or at your offices depending on your (team) needs.

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