Better Adoption

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Our solutions ensure better implementation, higher usage of new tooling and more engagement during implementations and beyond.

Better Adoption

Improving Adoption

Fast track your implementation and increase the usage of your solutions by the business
  • New system implementation
  • New strategy roll out
  • New ways of working
  • New e-learning launched
  • System poorly used
  • Solution critized
  • Usage of training solution low
Leading to
  • Frustration stakeholders
  • Benefits not realised
  • Bad business case
  • High transformation costs
  • Employee in the centre
  • Link to performance
  • Make learning fun and relevant
  • Gamify implementation
  • Higher usage
  • Higher compliancy
  • Higher engagement
  • Lower cost

Place your employee in the centre


Better Adoption Toolkit

Let us help you make your solution relevant
Job Relevant
Guide & Coach
Anchor "Social"
Human Drivers
User Experience
Make it Fun
Learning in the Flow of Work
Trigger Users
Better Adoption

The Better Adoption Toolkit consists of a mix of elements presented in the form of a flywheel. In this flywheel, we look at how you trigger employees for your ideas, your solutions or for the new strategies. Together we answer these questions:

What’s in it for them? Why would they care about it?

Trigger Users
  1. Understand all user needs, desires and pains
  2. Have a great story that engages users
  3. Identify quick wins and remove user barriers
User Experience
  1. Design from user perspective
  2. Connect and integrate WOW and systems
  3. Personalise as much as possible
Job Relevant
  1. Make the users' jobs easier
  2. Help them improve their kpi’s
  3. Identify little things which will make next week a little better
Guide & Coach
  1. Organise peer learning and peer coaching
  2. Use real live cases in training solutions
  3. Bring learning into action on the job
Learning in the Flow of Work
  1. Teach the minimum to flourish next period
  2. Provide learning on demand
  3. Provide search on demand
Human Drivers
  1. Let people collect stuff
  2. Let them compete
  3. Build in required competence
  4. Make people connect
Anchor "Social"
  1. Learn people to ask for support and help through social
  2. Build in the opportunity for social recognition
  3. Organise rewards and stimulation of personal branding
Make it Fun
  1. Use micro learning & infotainment
  2. Use deep gamification to engage in journey
  3. Build adventures and stories that people enjoy

Our way of working

We have a clear path to your success
Step 1
Step 1

Create engagement

  • Problem definition
  • Stakeholder and users interview and workshops

Deliverable: Barriers and Levers Assessment

Step 2
Step 2

Value planning

  • Approach to adoption
  • Stakeholder alignment sessions
Deliverable: Planning and Investment Proposal
Step 3
Step 3

Value creation and delivery sprints

  • Solution requirements
  • Solution design and development
  • Test / piloting
  • Implementation / roll out

Deliverable: Agreed Design and Development Sprints

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