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Strong companies invest in building stronger leadership capabilities. But what about investing in the delivery power and impact of your experts? What if they could re-invent themselves and bring your company into a higher level of performance.

Visible Experts

We all have a tendency to overlook essential insights, by making what we hear fit in with what we already know. We help you suspend this type of judgments. We don’t want you to unlearn things. We challenge you to broaden your area of possibilities.

Connected Experts

Our work at Expertized! has revealed that experts often lack connections. They work in separate corners, on very specific topics. This brings a lack of connectedness with other experts, with “the business”, and the customer. This is what we call the EBC of releashing expertise.

Business Partnering

Bringing highly specialist content across is not an easy task. In this programme, we cover different aspects of engaging stakeholders and influencing from an advisory role.

Using simple models and lots of practice, we help participants recognise and alter communication patterns, optimise ways to respond in conversations, build stories that truly engage, manage the unintended impressions, and more.


This programme is focused on creating more impact as a professional. We help participants with getting their projects “on track” and identifying the specific impact they want to realise inside and outside their organisation.

Key topics include personal strengths, future ambition and goals, multi-disciplinary cooperation, and adjusting actions from a better awareness of the wider context in which the expert operates.


The focus of this programme is about how to add more value from your deep expertise. Special attention is given to how to engage for true innovation with senior stakeholders.

Suited for senior professionals that need to drive a large transformation, participants are taken on a personal discovery journey and develop new ‘antennas’ to scout for new themes within their environment and turn these into business value.


Our vision on learning

We believe that learning isn’t about unlearning things or learning new things. We believe that it’s about (re)discovering yourself, looking at yourself with less judgement. Your past behaviour brought you where you stand today, but at some point, the magic fades. You start repeating yourself, and doing more of the same will not help you any further. Do you want to reach the next level as a professional?


We are fully specialised in the (personal) development of professionals. We are professionals ourselves and all have extensive experience in coaching, supervising and facilitating learning processes.

Expertized! partners with Specialist Development. Specialist Development has over 10 years of experience in facilitating, training and developing professionals and experts.

Together, we help people innovate faster and better from their expertise and improve the strength of expert teams. We understand what drives experts and expert teams to perform better. Specialist Development also provides open enrolment programmes.

Specialist Development

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