Flourish with Critical Knowledge

And capture new Business Value

How do you unleash the power of hidden knowledge, to create more value? How do you prevent years of experience and expertise flowing out of your company, when your experts move into new roles? How do you capture and transfer their hard-gained experience-based knowledge? We can download the ‘deep smarts’ out of an expert’s brain, to successfully transfer these to the rest of your organisation.

Capture Critical Knowledge

Uncovering an expert’s knowledge gained from long years of experience learning calls for an extensive skill set. Through smart questioning techniques, different types of role play and other proven methods, we uncover your experts’ deep smarts: their deep cognitive, behavioural and even physical skills.

From this download we build a deep expertise knowledge content table, ready for transfer.

Transfer Critical Knowledge

When it comes to sharing the captured knowledge, we look for the most efficient and effective solution. A quick and small-scale knowledge transfer might include a series of recorded questioning sessions.

To spread specific knowledge around the globe, a gamified app solution is probably the smart way to go.

How we work

Implicit and tacit knowledge offer the greatest source of expert value, but they are relatively hard to capture. Expertized! uses proven scientific concepts and solutions to get the most out of your experts and to capture their knowledge. With over 20 years of training experience we are able to create a positive impact on all kinds of companies.


Why not let us talk to some of your most critical experts and map out opportunities?

Critical Knowledge Capturing BOOSTERS

  • Critical Knowledge Interviews
  • Expert Peer Coaching
  • One to one Expert Knowledge Transfer
  • Hackathon Design
  • Micro Learning Solutions
  • Simulation Design

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  • More than 20 years of expertise in building organisations 
  • Capabilities and expert development based on state of the art scientific research
  • International experience and programmes rolled out in eg.:
    China, the Middle East, USA, Brazil and most of the European countries
  • An international network of consultants with experience in
    IT/IS, Engineering, Pharma, FMCG and Finance
  • Services in German, French, English and Dutch

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