Teams matter. They are where work ‘really’ gets done across organizations. Therefore, how well they function and collaborate has a direct impact on organization success.

But did you know that only 24% of teams are actually high-performing?

Teams can solve hard problems in challenging contexts:

  • They bring more knowledge, skill, and experience to their work than any single individual could.
  • Teams provide flexibility in how members are deployed.
  • Members get non-stop opportunities for real-time learning.
  • Teams have the potential of integrating members’ diverse contributions into a creative product that is just what is needed.

We have identified 9 key moments in every team’s existence. Each moment has a specific trigger and therefore requires a specific performance focus. Which in turn requires a specific Coaching and Learning focus.

  • If you manage the moment poorly, your team will fail.  
  • If at each moment you manage your team well, your team will flourish.

Check out the 9 moments that matter below.  And find out how you can turn your team into high performance.

Why it matters
A great team design has 80% impact on long-term team performance.

Focus of Support:
A coaching conversation with the team leader on why have a team, its purpose, the work of the team, required composition & interdependencies.

Why it matters
Quick alignment is required on who is on the team, the role of the team, shared understanding of purpose, clarity on individual & collective deliverables.

Focus of Support:
Alignment on the compelling team purpose, stakeholder expectations, authority within the team & develop agreed team norms or ways of working.

Why it matters
Breathing life into a team, aligning everyone around purpose, the work, and building commitment all within an atmosphere of psychological safety.

Focus of Support:
Create a ‘real team’. Clarity on project scope, roles of individuals, points of collaboration, cadence of meetings, reporting and tracking.

Why it matters
There is a need to maintain focus, avoid process & performance losses, and build a relationship with the new leader or members.

Focus of Support:
Celebrate the successes of the past and capture learnings – what to protect and what to let go of. (Re)establish authority relationships and decision-making strategies.

Why it matters
The team needs to shift focus, the work, stakeholder connections and potentially ways of working.

Focus of Support:
Translate the context change into required changes for the team. Revisit team structures, possibly new purpose and ways of working. Bring in the voice of the stakeholder.

Why it matters
Teams need to pause, reflect, self-assess and gather feedback on where performance issues exist. Based on the feedback reshape, refocus and get back on track.

Focus of Support:
Use feedback to focus on team design & structure issues that are impacting performance.

Why it matters
Value can be created or destroyed in the white spaces of an organisation or between teams & departments when there is a lack of clarity & alignment.

Focus of Support:
Clarify specific points of collaboration & interdependencies and define how joint success is achieved. Articulate what is getting in the way today, what new ways of working are needed to achieve organisation wide success.

Why it matters
The end is closer than the start. Research has shown that teams are more open to reflect & change course mid-way through their work.

Focus of Support:
Hold a team retrospective; 'is what got us here going to get us where we need to be?' Identify and implement required changes in team processes.

Why it matters
Too often we move from one project to the next without capturing & sharing the learnings so that the next project will be an even better success.

Focus of Support:
Team retrospective & emergent learning mapping.

Is Your Team Approaching A Moment That Matters?

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