Breaking down the Silos

Once and for all

When your business is in crisis mode, you set up a cross-functional crisis team with various experts to solve the problem. Once the problem is solved we all climb back into our silos.

Focus your experts on “high value” activities

When looking for their next growth engine, business leaders rely on experts in specialist functions. However, both business and functional leaders tell us they find it hard to point out exactly what their ‘experts’ should do to maximise their impact or to explain the “ROI of experts”. Better connecting experts with customers and the environment is a major source of business growth.

Cross Functional Team Collaboration

75% of cross-functional teams are dysfunctional (HBR 2015).

They fail on at least three of five criteria, which are meeting the planned budget, staying on schedule, following specifications, meeting the expectations of their customers and remaining aligned with company strategy.

Some simple steps can decrease the risk of failure and increase delivery power.

How we work

We start small with a Quick Scan; let us talk to 10-15 people in your organization. We’ll identify the problem, co-design the solution and maximize your expertise impact. You will never look at the value of expertise in the same way again.


We start small with a Quick Scan;
let us talk to 10 to 15 people in your organisation.

Breaking Down Silo’s BOOSTERS

  • Value Role Profile Design
  • Value Strategy Design
  • HP Expert Team Wheel
  • Stakeholder Engagement Interviewing
  •  Stakeholder Conversations
  • Value Team (Organisation) Design

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