How to maximize the business impact of people in expert functions?


Defined an “Expert Value Ladder” and matched all expert activities with business value added of each activity.


"We clarified how the expert community can add more value, resulting in a clear strategic function agenda and change initiatives to create more efficiency in low value activities and free up more time for high value adding work."


How to increase the time to market of innovations?


Through interviews, we identified 6 critical time blockers for product development. Then, we co-designed a new product development process and developed a gamified workshop to engage and train people in more agile ways of working.


"Product developers feel happier and better recognised for their work. They make more progress in sharper clarified roles and in better alignment with sales."


How to engage globally dispersed teams behind a new supplier quality strategy?


We clarified stakeholder expectations, co-designed a new supplier quality strategy, and trained teams to engage the organisation behind new strategy.


"Strategy and roll out was identified as best practice within the Global Danone organisation."

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  • More than 20 years of expertise in building organisations 
  • Capabilities and expert development based on state of the art scientific research
  • International experience and programmes rolled out in eg.:
    China, the Middle East, USA, Brazil and most of the European countries
  • An international network of consultants with experience in
    IT/IS, Engineering, Pharma, FMCG and Finance
  • Services in German, French, English and Dutch

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